Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors


Below are links to our Spring & Fall presentations.  No video or audio is available.

ACLS Webinar

Reference System Modernization:Canadian plans and timelines
Brian Donahue and Catherine Robin
Canadian Geodetic Survey, Natural Resources Canada
ACLS Live Webinar, December 7, 2023


Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System Updates - Spring 2023
by Lee Chaulk, NSLS
Senior Program Adminstration Officer

Tools for Accessing the CLSR - Update - Spring 2023
by Courtney Roddick & Anthony Mayaki

Observations, Ethics and Monumentation - Spring 2023
by Andy DeCoste, NSLS (with Presenters Notes)
Practice Review Manager

Digital Signatures at Engineers NS - Spring 2023
by Kris Dove & Eric Croteau

Employee Attractions & Retentions - Spring 2023
by Simeon Roberts
ANSLS Executive Director


Coastal Protection Act & Regulations - Spring 2022
by John Somers, Executive Lead

Ordinary High Water Mark - Spring 2022
(field procedures, plan preparation & natural boundaries)
by Ray Pottier, NSLS

Standards of Practice: Part 9 - Spring 2022
(what a file should look like & digital storage)

The Pincushion Effect - Spring 2022
(where are we now?)
Compiled by Jody Isenor, NSLS, P.Eng.

Coastal Protection Act - October 2022
by John Somers, Executive Lead

Spring Seminar Feedback(Pincushion Effect) - October 2022
Jody Isenor, NSLS, P.Eng.

Digital Signatures - October 2022
Jody Isenor, NSLS, P.Eng.

Succession Planning - October 2022
AC Belliveau Veinotte Inc.

Logan Wealth Management - October 2022
Julie Brough, CFA, CFP
Executive Vice-President & Portfolio Manager